3 Things That Help Improve Your Writing Skills

From proposals and backgrounders to media pitches and news releases, there are a variety of different writing styles and techniques in the world of public relations. Here at PUSH 7, we work on multiple writing assignments for a variety of clients and their unique businesses. In the public relations industry, it’s important to strengthen writing skills in order to consistently improve your work.

Whether writing is a part of your daily job or you enjoy writing for fun, keep these three things in mind to develop your writing skills:

  1. Read. It’s a simple start. Reading a variety of books (fiction or non-fiction), magazines, blogs and newspapers will expand your every-day knowledge and expose you to a lot of different writing styles. It’s also a natural way to acquire and sharpen your own writing skills. This should boost your creativity as well!

  1. Proofread and edit. A good exercise is to write for a short designated amount of time — say 15 minutes — and then come back to the piece you are writing later in the day. In the meantime, perform more research so that your writing is well-rounded; create an outline or structure so that your writing is focused and concise; and read what you have aloud. Reading aloud is the best way to ensure that your writing flows naturally and it will allow you to recognize any areas in need of grammar edits.

  1. Share your work. Feedback is essential, no matter the type of writing involved. For example, when blogging, you may want to elicit feedback on your topics. When writing a feature story, someone else may be able to give you a fresh angle to include with the piece. By allowing others to review your writing, you will have a better perspective on your own work.

Improving your writing skills is much like improving any other life skill. The more time you dedicate to it, the simpler it will seem. Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment below; we would love to hear them!

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