Let's Play Ball: Building Client Relationships

For working professionals in a wide variety of industry sectors, spring presents new opportunities for relationship building with clients. Being able to share experiences with current and prospective clients outside the office is an important part of relationship building. Baseball is the great American pastime, and attending games is a great way to get to know your clients in a more casual setting and make them feel special.

With MLB Opening Days on the horizon, consider inviting a client or a group of clients to attend a game. Regardless of gender or knowledge of the sport, attending a baseball game is a great way to foster client relationships. The ballpark offers a combination of an upbeat feel, a connection to history and Americana, and the added ambiance involving the sound of balls snapping into leather gloves, balls careening off bats, national anthems, popcorn, hot dogs, cold beer, and the energy and enthusiasm of other fans who share a passion for the game.

Some added touches you could throw in to make the experience even more memorable:

  • Arranging transportation and parking

  • Customizing a piece of sportswear for the client

  • Arranging for their name to be shown on the jumbotron

  • Inviting the client’s children along and taking them down to the field to meet players before the game

  • Have your photo taken at the game and frame it for the client to have as a keepsake

Overall, inviting clients or prospective clients to a baseball game is good for building rapport,

having conversation, and friendly competition at the core of strong business networks. Successfully leveraging relationships in the business arena by developing informal connections will set you apart from your competitors and help build enduring relationships. Let’s play ball!

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