3 Favorite Brands on Twitter

Twitter can be a tricky for brands. Finding what content best suits your audience takes time, good judgment, and commitment to a solid strategy.

We think these three brands exemplify using Twitter perfectly — some are always on top of current events, and some are just down right hilarious, but all three know what appeals to their audience. So without further ado, some of our favorite brands on Twitter:

1. Postmates

As a food delivery service, Postmates has high competition with the likes of UberEats and Grubhub. However, they do an excellent job of utilizing Twitter to differentiate themselves and engage their followers. For instance, on Valentine’s Day Postmates partnered with Tinder to deliver food and gifts to users without Valentine’s Day plans.

Partnering with other brands and creating unique hashtags will help draw traffic to your page.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the few lucky brands that can constantly self-promote and get away with it. They often post humorous content that incorporates characters from Netflix Original shows, or general tweets that create buzz about the upcoming/newly released movies and TV shows. Quoting a scene from its show, The Office, paired to an image of actress Millie Bobby Brown from Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things, is a perfect example of this:

Posting relevant content during special events like award shows, sports games, and holidays is a great way to help increase your visibility on Twitter.

3. Wendy’s

One of the sassiest and clever brands on Twitter, hands down. Wendy’s is particularly well-known for “roasting” Twitter users, especially its competition. This strategy is especially appealing to Wendy’s younger audience, which is a huge advantage for the brand because often times their tweets are screenshotted by Twitter users and shared to other social media platforms, causing them to go viral. The following tweets are a few of Wendy’s recent most popular:

Remember, what works for one brand does not necessarily work for the other. The best way to tackle Twitter is to start off by thinking about who makes up your audience, and what message you are trying to send. It takes patience and commitment, but doing so can pay off in a big way for your brand.

What are your favorite brands on Twitter? Leave a comment below!

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