6 Must-Have Mobile Apps for PR Professionals

Smartphones make it much easier to communicate and stay organized. Everything from calendar apps to social media apps can help professionals stay connected to their jobs and clients. Here are six of the best mobile apps for savvy PR professionals:

  • LinkedIn – Who wouldn’t want to have an app that easily connects you to the latest news in your industry as well as other professionals?

  • Facebook Pages – Do you have access to a client’s Facebook page? This app is the perfect way for you to keep up with the latest updates, answer posts, access analytics and respond to private messages on the go without having to toggle through side bars on the Facebook app.

  • Grammarly Keyboard – Autocorrect doesn’t always catch simple grammar mistakes, so this keyboard extension is a great way to type mistake-free, whether you’re sending an urgent email, posting on social media, or communicating via text message with a client.

  • Google Photos – This is a fantastic way to organize photos and videos that can be accessed from both your mobile device and computer. If you want to save photos taken on your phone during work events, show something to a client, or access photos for later projects, this app allows you to do so without having to scroll through your camera roll.

  • Doodle – This scheduling app lets you find the perfect times for a group to meet. All you have to do is create a poll, invite people, and communicate with them about the best times to meet.

  • Snapseed – There are hundreds of photo editing apps out there, but Snapseed is easy to navigate and centralizes a powerful collection of tools such as lighting adjustment, a healing tool to remove unwanted objects, appearance touch-up, creative filters, and text.

Do you have other great must-have apps for PR professionals? Share with us in the comment section below!

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