Pittsburgh Technical College

When Pittsburgh Technical Institute was preparing to change its name to Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC) to better reflect the scope of its educational programming, they engaged PUSH 7. Working hand-in-hand with the college’s staff, PUSH 7 helped to plan, execute and promote the media event to announce the name change. With a focus on celebration, PUSH 7 developed an unveiling event for faculty and staff with a “Back to the Future” theme, complete with an actual DeLorean. PTC students, on their first day back to campus, were greeted with bold signs, refreshments, entertainment, a photo booth and giveaways bearing the school’s new name and logo. PUSH 7 also created content announcing the name change for communication to each of PTC’s constituent groups, as well as script writing for the college’s new video.

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"Thank you Lynn, John, Sue and the rest of the great people at PUSH 7 for all of your great work for our name change press event. It is truly a pleasure to work with top professionals. You made our launch very successful.”


—Bart Levitt (retired), Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Pittsburgh Technical College