Animal Rescue League and Western PA Humane Society

Telling the story of the merger between the Animal Rescue League and Western PA Humane Society required strategy and relying on trusted media relationships. Prior to the organizations’ boards voting, PUSH 7 developed a communication plan to roll out the news, in the event the boards approved the merger. The plan included content for communication to each of the
organizations’ constituent groups, as well as a precisely timed schedule for the announcement. One of the bigger challenges was determining how to attract media to a news briefing without telling them the focus of the briefing. It was a full house when leaders from both organizations met with reporters to announce the news.

"I want to thank you for the exceptional communication plan you provided and executed.
It was great working with you. I appreciate your guidance and help.”


Hala Nuemah, Managing Director, Animal Rescue League and Western PA Humane Society

Scope of work: 

  Strategic communication plan development 

  Content for constituent communication

  Media relations: media pitching,
   news briefing coordination

  Internal/external communication counsel